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Tipi Confessions is not only sexy. Our audiences are reminded that sex is always also political. The Tipi Confessions enterprise also serves as a “research-creation laboratory” at the University of Alberta, Faculty of Native Studies. Our sexy performance laboratory is a space of creative experimentation and action research, both informed by and furthering existing research and teaching in decolonial and critical sexualities.


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Call for Stories – Tipi Confessions Turned On… Line

We are curating stories and performances for an online pre-recorded edition of our Tipi Confessions production.

Tipi Confessions Call for Stories

Tipi Confessions has a rolling submission deadline for stories/performances. 

Nurturing relationships is an important practice for us. 

Working with an online environment, we want to ensure the time and space to provide support for our performers and storytellers, as well as delivering you, our audience and your anonymous confessions that make our show possible, a valuable and engaging production. 

We are continuing to work on our online show to celebrate the performances and partnerships that have crossed our stage and productions over the past five years. We also want to dedicate this time to nurture exciting future possibilities of making, broadening, and strengthening our kin relational networks. Think of us moving from a dial-up to a fibre-optic broadband connection. 

We are inviting new and alumni performers and storytellers to contribute to our celebration online show.

Submit your Story.​ Become a Tipi Confessions performer! We seek diverse voices, especially if stories like yours often go untold. We are an ALL-INCLUSIVE enterprise: we welcome storytellers and performers of all genders, races, sexualities, and abilities. And for this online production, all locations*

We encourage you to submit sexually-themed stories and performances. Your performance doesn’t need to be “erotic” (although we love well-crafted erotica), but it should pertain positively to sex and sexuality. Consider telling your story from a political, humorous, creative, decolonial, feminist, and/or educational perspective. We want stories that fit our mission of ethics, education, and entertainment around sex, sexuality, and gender.

Types of Performances.​ Our shows have featured spoken word readings, personal narrative, memoir, fiction, burlesque, live musicians, stand-up comedy, short theatre performances/stage readings. We are also open to video clips and lively short lectures.

How to propose a concept. Please complete the submission form. Describe and explain your proposed performance, but also include some context for us such as motivation and intent. If you have specific questions about our expectations, please ask. Email attachments to tipiconfessions@gmail.com.

The Review Process.  Acceptances may be contingent upon an audition/interview (via Zoom/Google Hangouts). 

*Note: Following acceptance we will provide guidance and support for storytellers and performers to pre-record their performances from the safety of their own homes. We will also discuss the possibility of safely recording in a theatre or a recording studio on a case by case basis. 


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Tipi Confessions, Unsettle the Future: Re-Story, Research & Reclaim Indigenous Sexualities & Relations, the creative performance extension of the RELAB research-creation symposium of the same name featured a range of dance, spoken word, storytelling, [...]

Decolonize your Valentine

During the deep chill of the 2019 polar vortex, Tipi Confessions cranked the heat in La Cité Francophone theatre space to Decolonize Valentine’s Day with special guest Janet Marie Rogers. We also featured performances [...]

Sex at the End of the World

Many of the world’s greatest thinkers are worried that we humans are having wrenching effects on our environment, that ecosystems and social systems in turn are collapsing around us. In popular culture--in films, novels, [...]

Seasoned Sex

Seasoned Sex. Cooler summer mornings shifting into longer fall evenings. Inspired by how our bodies respond to the changing seasons, we recognize that our favourite fleshy fruits, like different types of berries ripen and [...]

Sexy Science Confessions

One evening in July 2017 in Tucson, Arizona, the Summer internship for INdigenous peoples in Genomics (SING) faculty were socializing at the end of a long day of teaching participants about genetic science and [...]

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