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Tipi Confessions is not only sexy. Our audiences are reminded that sex is always also political. The Tipi Confessions enterprise also serves as a “research-creation laboratory” at the University of Alberta, Faculty of Native Studies. Our sexy performance laboratory is a space of creative experimentation and action research, both informed by and furthering existing research and teaching in decolonial and critical sexualities.


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Sexy storytelling, performances, and anonymous audience confessions. Sex, (almost) everybody does it and (almost) nobody talks about it — except at Métis Confessions.

In partnership with Mawachihitotaak – Let’s Get Together Métis Studies Symposium, we are curating stories and performances for a guest edition of our Tipi Confessions production, Métis Confessions, for Thursday, September 26, 2024 at Club 200 (Winnipeg, MB).

We are looking for diverse voices from the Winnipeg area (Treaty 1 & the Métis Homeland) – especially if stories like yours often go untold. We are an ALL-INCLUSIVE enterprise: we welcome storytellers and performers of all genders, races, sexualities, and abilities. Submissions from other parts of Turtle Island will also be considered, with primacy given to those who live locally. Additionally, if you are an attendee or participant of Mawachihitotaak, we would love to see your submissions!

Submit your story: linktr.ee/tipiconfessions

Métis Confessions is guest produced by Angie Tucker (PhD Candidate), KD King (PhD Candidate), Tanya Ball (PhD Candidate), and Mila Tucker with the support of Tipi Confessions.

Sexy Science Show Information

Is it HOT in here? Or did someone leave the bunsen burner on? 

Sex and Science belong together – and we are here to prove just how HOT science can be and how Indigenous & decolonial sex, sexualities, and gender can’t be bound by the categories of science! 

Sexy storytelling, performances, and anonymous audience confessions. Sex, (almost) everybody does it and (almost) nobody talks about it — except at Sexy Science Confessions.

We are back with another edition of Sexy Science Confessions, this time in Vancouver! May 9, 2024. Stay tuned for Sexy Science Confessions performer features!

You can purchase tickets through the QR code or access link in bio: linktr.ee/tipiconfessions

Early ticket purchase incentive: purchase your ticket by 11:59PM Monday, May 6 to be entered into the “Early Bird Gets The Worm” Draw. DM or email tipiconfessions@gmail.com proof of your purchase, and we will add your name to the draw. 

Sharing is caring incentive: help us promote Sexy Science Confessions by reposting / sharing on your socials: stories, feeds, Twitter/X, LinkedIn, etc. and/or tagging a friend on a #tipiconfessions post. DM or email proof of sharing to be entered into the draw. 

Folks interested in volunteering at the show (e.g., collecting audience confessions) can express their interest by DM or email.

Warning: Sexually Explicit Content 

Photo Credit (Image of Burlesque Performer): Red Socks Photography

Performer line-up:

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